Future-proofing Websites

Did you know that some web agencies don’t provide you custom websites with latest technologies? You will be missing several things your custom web application can do. Let us explain.

Progressive Web Applications PWA

Progressive Web Applications

Imagine your customized website being downloaded as a smartphone application. Mobile-friendly and giving your users reminders through notifications. This is all possible with a technology introduced by Google called progressive web apps!

Integrating Custom Website With API

Integration With Popular APIs

Application programming interfaces (API) are programs we write to access a program someone else wrote. Think about Google maps, Facebook chatbot and others. We can insert them into your website and further improve the experience users get.

Progressive Web Applications

Worthy being on a home screen

Browsers prompt mobile users to add the progressive web app to their home screen. If agreed, your website home icon will appear on their smartphones.

Faster loading

Your website will load faster for returning visitors. This is all possible through progressive web apps caching pages.

Progressive web Applications

Increase engagement

Improve customer retention and engagement through web push notifications. Google’s case study stated that web push notifications helped eXtra Electronics increase engagement by 4X.

Improve conversions

The improved user experience can help increase user experience. In a case study done by Google, AliExpress improve conversions for new users across all browsers by 104% and on iOS by 82%.

Integration With Popular APIs

Save Money

There are times when you do not have to create functions from scratch. You can save money by using existing programs done by people.

Rapid Deployment

Quickly test out your website and see whether your idea is profitable.

Integration With Popular API

Increase Customer Engagement

Think Facebook Messenger bot, Alexa, Twilio and several others. Communicate with your users and keep them engaged through these platforms.

Higher Reach

Schedule your social media posts. Reach out to people in different platforms using APIs like Google and Twitter.

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